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A Love Letter to Drake

It was such a shame that she had to wake up. Holly had been dreaming that the one and only Toronto Child, Drake had come into the boutique looking for some new shades and asking for our opinion. It was ALL. SO. REAL!

And that got us thinking - as we like to do - about how we’d up Heartbreak Drake’s eyewear game. After all, our sweet Boy from The Six is always a step ahead and looking fresher than any of his beloved ballers walking through the tunnel in their custom suits on game night.

So how would we elevate Drizzy’s eyewear game? It was a team de-BATE let us tell you! Would it be...

The Andy Wolfs?


The Retrosuperfutures?

Frames were flying! Coffee cups were clapping! Brains were storming! And the tunes went WAY UP just for one dance.

So where did we land? With four frames that we think will elevate Drake’s style with a remix of modern and super subtle retro accents that will keep it sexy all the way through the season.

This, is our ocular ode to October’s Very Own…


Between the glossy metal frame and sharp, angular cuts to the frame, the geometric GUCCI GG0396S is noble in every way. The gradient lens is a sweet throwback to when it first appeared in GUCCI’s 1970s collection and the signature bee icon on the lens is just enough without distracting from our main man.


A thoroughly modern frame, we think a dark black “The Cobsey” flat top from AM Eyewear is killer with Drake’s suit looks - and the gold arms are just enough to set off a gold chain.


Just because the line is thin, doesn’t mean it doesn’t punctuate. These Linda Farrow LFL/739/11 in deep navy draw attention to his gorgeous eyes - without letting you forget the intellect that’s at work.

And finally, the pièce de résistance! We’d love to see Drake come up in “the Collins” by Calavera. Paired with one of his favourite peacoats, this look screams Champagne Papi!! as much as we do (was that out loud?)...

So, Mr. Aubrey Graham, this is our Love Letter to you, and the way we would love to see you rock your frames. Cuz we’ve been thinking about you nonstop.

Why dontcha come thru and see us next time you’re runnin’ through The Six? You know we got things to do.

And for all of you who maybe aren’t Drake but covet his style? Come on by too and try out our Drizzy Inspired selects for yourself.
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