HOLLY EYEWEAR, an optical store located in Yorkville Toronto, is the result of fashion meets passion: a boutique eyewear and accessories retailer that empower you to look your best while maintaining proper ocular health to see things clearly.

Customer Testimonial

"They carry unique items and don't have too many products (I love this about them cause I get overwhelmed when there are hundreds of items on display). I got a pair of sunglasses and sent it to their lab to get prescription lenses; took about 10 business days to arrive for pick up. I am happy with my experience and their customer service".


"I had the pleasure of purchasing my glasses from Holly Eyewear and have not stopped referring everyone I know to Holly! I have a very difficult prescription and Holly was so accommodating, and has so much knowledge about her product. She gave me options on what would suit me best, and was very patient and honest about fit and style. Holly went out of the way to make sure I was completely happy while getting me into a pair of glasses that I absolutely love! Her store is impeccable and you'll never find any other store in Toronto with this kind of over the top customer service".

Melanie Dhingra

"Hands down the best eyewear store in Toronto! Ive been to many eyewear stores and have never seen a better collection of glasses and sunglasses. Not only is their collection amazing but their service was unmatched. Holly and Alex went out of their way to make sure i was exceptionally happy with my purchase. I highly recommend Hollys Eyewear". I recently purchased a pair of prescription frames from Holly Eyewear and I could not be more in LOVE!!! I haven't worn glasses for a few years now and I was confused on what to buy style wise as well as what lens would be best suited for my prescription.

Amir Hamza

"After meeting Holly, she went through lens options with me, and informed me about the new advancements in lenses and what's in trend right now in terms of frame silhouettes and colors. I was extremely relieved to have found a perfect pair of glasses that not only suited my face but were extremely comfortable at the same time. In the past, I have been hesitant on purchasing frames simply because I could not find a frame that I absolutely love... But after walking into Holly's I found multiple pairs that I would purchase in a heartbeat. Her selection of frames is absolutely breathtaking!  Thank you to the team at Holly Eyewear for making this such an easy and stress free process. I have a newfound love for prescription glasses thanks to you".

Susan singh

"Holly is beyond amazing, she is honest, ethical and knowledgeable and just a super human being. Her passion for her profession is unsurpassed. She genuinely cares. You only have to spend half an hour in her boutique to see the affection and respect that all of her clients have for her. Don't hesitate".

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Why do I need an eye exam?

Your performance at work, school, and sports can all be improved with vision correction.

When a condition like macular degeneration or cataracts develops slowly, you might not even be aware that your vision is worsening. To prevent this, you should regularly get your eyes checked.

The medical professionals at Holly eyewear can identify diabetes, cancer, brain tumors, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol in their earliest stages.

Children may struggle in school if their eyesight issues go undiagnosed. An eye exam can identify visual system issues responsible for learning and reading challenges and subpar academic achievement.

Eye health should always be the primary concern while seeing an eye doctor, but there is nothing wrong with a little fashion. Holly eyewear is where you can find a wide variety and several brands to choose from.