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How to Start An Eyewear Wardrobe

Glasses Wardrobe

You likely already have items in your clothes closet that you choose for different types of activities. You wouldn’t pull out that tech fabric shirt and joggers to attend a cocktail party, right?  

It’s interesting that even though we wear glasses for so many different and varied occasions, we neglect to build our eyewear wardrobe as we do our clothing. Instead, narrowing it one or two pairs of glasses that we wear with every outfit, no matter what the occasion, for years on end.

Now, it’s great to have a solid, reliable pair of specs to pull out every day but as we also know that there comes a time in every glasses wearer’s life when they start hearing things like “Oh! You look so different… without glasses.”  Or, “I hardly recognized you… without your glasses.”

As if to say that our glasses are our faces - rather than an accessory that happens to help us see better.

See, your eyewear can do far more than just help clarify your vision. They can help you express your sense of style and mood, as well as your personality. They can work with your outfits, or even be suitable for different social scenarios.

Imagine if you could use your eyewear to reflect…

Your creativity,

Your intellect,

Your trendiness,

Your whimsy,

Or your athleticism

It might be hard to believe, but your frames can play a role in helping you showing all of these sensibilities and more.

The trick to building an eyewear collection is to think of it much like you would when building a collection of any other accessories whether they be scarves, shoes, or watches.

That means you’ll want to have a few different styles of frames in your eyewear wardrobe; but, how to do this while covering your basis? As with any other well curated collection, there are some simple guidelines that will help you’ll start building a versatile collection, one frame at a time.

We believe that the best eyewear collections should have a little of everything:

A pair that’s classic

A pair on trend

A pair to stand out

A pair that blends

Classic Frames

Your most classic pair of eyewear should be clean and simple. The wear anywhere sort of frame that can take you from a business meeting to a weekend at the movies. A classic, face complementing shape in simple materials will go furthest in your classic category.


YSL1 VictoriaBeckham

Saint Laurent, Rectangular Tortoise Shell

Victoria Beckham, Black Acetate & Gold Temples
Masunaga KreweDuOptic

Masunaga, Navy Blue & Brown Tortoise Shell With Titanium

Krewe Du Optic, Oval Tortoise Shell

On-Trend Frames

When you want to ramp up your style it’s time to swap out those classic frames with a pair that instantly brings a more current or avant-garde vibe to your look.

This is a category in your eyewear wardrobe where you can have a tonne of fun and update more frequently, giving you the chance to build your eyewear wardrobe the same way you build your accessories!


AndyWolf Sama_Eyewear

Andy Wolf, Brown Tortoise Shell Panto

Sama Eyewear, Black And Transparent Acetate



Calavera, Matte Black Cat Eye 

Linda Farrow, 18KT Rose Gold Plated Semi Transparent

Stand-Out Frames

This is where we place ‘Evening Eyewear’ - what? Yes of course you should have eyewear suitable for cocktail party outfits and black tie affairs. Nothing can make an formal outfit fall flat faster than wearing a pair of conservative “office” glasses. It would be kind of like wearing a backpack with a gown. You’d never do that, right?

Events are a perfect opportunity to treat your eyewear as a true accessory. Choose something special that reflects a dressy vibe and complements your outfit!

Stones, pearls, textured or lacey materials, and reflective metals all can play a part in elevating your eyewear for special occasions and evening events.


LindaFarrow2 Chloe

Linda Farrow, 18KT Gold Plated 

Chloé, Brown Hexagon With Gold Accents

Thierry Lasry VictoriaBeckham

Thierry Lasry, Brown Tortoise Shell Cat Eye

Victoria Beckham, Round Burnt Orange Tortoise Shell With Gold Metal

Frames that Blend In

Sometimes you want your outfit to take centre stage instead of your eyewear. But just because your frames aren’t front and centre, doesn’t mean that blending must be boring!

The idea is that your frames simply allow your features, and the features of your outfit to take the stage. While the colour or material might blend, the shape can still be interesting. Blending can work in different ways:

Blend by choosing clear or faintly hued materials

Blend by choosing rimless

Blend by choosing minimalist frames


YSL2 Gucci

Saint Laurent, Oval Tortoise Shell

Gucci, Rectangular Brown Tortoise Shell


AM Eyewear

Retrosuperfuture, Oval Chunky Black Acetate 

AM Eyewear, Gold Titanium Cat Eye 

How do your glasses stand up to our guidelines?

If you’re ready to expand your eyewear wardrobe, we’d love to see you at the boutique. We have lots of ideas on how to add personality and style to any frame collection - including yours.  

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