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Re-Imagining Fashion Week With an Eye to Eyewear

TFW Sunglasses

Oh the start of Fall! It’s the unofficial start of the new year, bringing along with it thick September Issues (our Bibles), the Toronto International Film Festival, and Toronto Fashion Week.

We could hardly catch our breath, flitting from one star studded event to the next - and many of them right in our backyard!

Yorkville is - without a doubt - the place to be in Toronto for glitz and glam, making it the virtual “nexus of the universe” when it comes to the September social calendar.

We had a chance to view much of TIFF and Toronto Fashion Week up close as well as a spectator. And, we were just as inspired by the runways as we were by the attendees who brought serious personality to their looks each and every time they stepped out. It was a smorgasbord of style!

Now, lots of cities have global-scale events worthy of international press and attention. But what’s unique about the ones that occur in Toronto is that no matter how globally influential they are, there’s always a level of accessibility that make them fun for celebrities and Torontonians alike.

One of the most exciting aspects of Toronto Fashion Week is their signature showcase, RE/SET™. Where else could you take in the likes of Hillary MacMillan, Sid Neigum, Mani Jassal and Tara Rivas, who celebrated the third birthday of her eponymous line with a part of a show (happy third, girlfriend!)?

Not only is it featured selection of the most up and coming designers in the Canadian fashion scene - it also features a boutique at which you can actually purchase gorgeous pieces from the designers themselves. Bringing the most interesting design concepts out there to the wardrobes of everyday people.

In fact, we like to think that’s a quality we share at HOLLY Eyewear too.

Just like our friends behind Fashion Week, we spend a great deal of time learning about, considering, and testing the most interesting concepts in eyewear design and bring them directly to you, to add into your own wardrobe.

We believe eyewear can be as much a practical implement as it is statement of personal taste. In fact, your choice of eyewear can be one of the most impactful ways in which to update and provide energy to your sense of style, changing the flavour of an outfit in an instant.

So naturally, when we took in our favourite shows we couldn’t help but think about what kind of frames would complement the vision the designers had for Spring 2019.

HilaryMacMillan_1 HilaryMacMillan_2

Courtesy of @hilarymacmillan

Courtesy of @hilarymacmillan

Hilary Macmillan led a colourful and patterned heavy statement that included sunglasses as an accessory (way to go Hilary!). And we love her choice of frame. A simple, oversized, flat-lens aviator is grounds otherwise busy looks.

SidNeigum_1 SidNeigum_2

Courtesy of @sidneigum

Courtesy of @sidneigum

While Sid Neigum didn’t include eyewear in his show, we imagine mottled sky blue or cream coloured acetate frames with amber lenses to add to the ethereal feel of the looks he presented.

Courtesy of @manikjassal
Courtesy of @manikjassal

How we adored the international influences in Mani Jassal! She balanced beautifully Eastern and Western styles and fabrics and we would want to make sure any frames added to these dressy looks rather than detract from them. Some would say to go with contact lenses, and that’s a great option, but alternatively a clean gunmetal frame or rimless rose-coloured lens would be an unexpected option.

Tara1 Tara2

Courtesy of @tararivas

Courtesy of @tararivas

Our party girl Tara’s collection screamed retro celebration and we’d want to pair frames that heighten that feeling! Whether narrow and elongated or large and strong, we’d want to see shields in a mirrored or smoke lens paired with the outfits on this catwalk.

When you can envision the right eyewear for your outfits, you’re one step closer to completing the head-to-toe look. Do you see what we see?

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