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Holly Eyewear takes NYC

Holly Takes NYC

We look forward to this king of all eyewear shows every year - but this year?

This year, the NYC Eyewear Expo was bigger and better than ever. Between the gorgeous new looks, the incredible booths, and the very glamorous chauffeured cars (thank you Kering!), Holly set off for five intense days of meeting, greeting, and scouting the very best designer eyewear out there.

You better believe that as soon as she came back we had a million questions we wanted to ask!

But, to make our excitement easier to handle over the day’s first cup of coffee, we narrowed it down to our top five...

Holly and her BFF Melanie get that Gucci show glow!

  1. Holly! Welcome home! You just got back from NYC Eyewear Expo - what are the biggest and newest trends you saw? Was it materials? Colours? Shapes?

This is such an exciting year because we’re literally seeing a bit of everything.

In Sun, the biggest news are solid colour micro, lots of black and brown frames, and ’70s inspired oversized sunnies with light tints.

For Optical, whether chunky or slim, acetate or metals (and metals are still important) - oversized frames rule. We’re seeing a tonne of cat eye frames in all kinds of colours for women, as well, which is great because they’re so flattering for so many face shapes! 


  1. We’re always on the lookout for new brands, what were the most exciting collections this year?

Celine is showing some interesting extensions this year - they introduced thinner acetates that we’re curious about.

Sabine Be a new line out of France that we’re very intrigued by. She’s all about colour, quirk, and fun!

Anna-Karin Karlsson - what can we say? They are absolute standout, show stopper styles! For the person who really loves eyewear as jewelry or art - we’re thinking deeply about those.

We’ve already added more styles to our existing collections - you know we always want the freshest selects for our customers!

  1. How about new technologies? Anything our customers would be excited to learn about?

We were thrilled to see a collaboration between ACUVUE® OASYS contact lenses and Transitions™ who launched Transition Contact Lenses. This is the first time ever that lenses have combined with light adapting technology so they can balance the amount of indoor and outdoor light entering the eye, including filtering blue light and UV rays.

We’re so impressed. They’re one of the best solutions for contact wearers who enjoy the outdoors. Perfect to try out this summer!

  1. Mind. Blown! Can we help unpack your bags? It looks like Christmas came early in there! What’s coming into the boutique next? When should we come in for a refresh?

Yeah! Get in there and check them out! We weren’t leaving without bringing some newness with us, so we put new styles out as soon as we got back - and they’re already selling out!

We couldn’t bring everything back at once though, so more are coming every single day.

Honestly? The best time to come in for Spring is now!

We also have some special limited time sets coming in Mother’s Day - you won’t believe how cute they are. We’re doing pre-orders now, so call us to get yours before they’re gone!

  1. With all these new options, will there be any special events or shows at the boutique that we should know about?

We’re always looking for ways to bring exclusive Fashion moments to the boutique!

We’re working on a few ideas right now and in talks to create some excitement in coming months.

Keep checking in with us and sign up for our newsletter - that’s always the best way to be in the know!

OK you guys. There’s no time like the present to come check out the new stock for Spring/Summer ’19.

Let us know what you’d like to see in stock.

Are you looking for Funky, colourful frames to add to your collection?

Are you wanting a work of art that doubles as jewelry?

We’re always on the hunt for the most fabulous frames to bring back to you.

For all inquiries contact us.

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