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Designer In Focus: KREWE

Krewe Eyewear Hero Image

KREWE is the independent designer we’ve come to rely on for hosting a creative eyewear party, whether for optical or sunglass frames! 

The 6-year old New Orleans-based eyewear company has given us plenty of reasons for that! Founded by New Orleans native, Stirling Barrett, when he was just 23 years old, the company’s vision is to be an independently owned, independently-minded source of creative collaboration. And that vision continues to grow and surprise us every season. 

The rectangle frame gets a distinguished upgrade with a unique double-acetate inlay and custom temple wire patterning.

Krewe Joseph Brume To Charcoal

Krewe Joseph Brume To Charcoal 2

KREWE Joseph Brume to Charcoal

The pillars that support the brand?

  1. To celebrate individual style with unique, one-of-a-kind frames that are both fresh and easy to wear - of doing something unexpected from a place no one would expect (
  2. To treat every customer to southern hospitality
  3. To take creative risks and offer customer-centric programs like only independently owned brands can do
  4. To invoke the creative collaboration of Mardi Gras and share the rhythms and rituals of New Orleans in every pair their frames you wear
  5. To support and give back to the New Orleans community

It’s all of these qualities that make KREWE frames so special. The interaction between the materials and their designer, the frame and its wearer that bring together disparate ideas and qualities to create something unexpected and totally unique. 

Even the name, KREWE, ties back to the New Orleans tradition of Mardi Gras, where eclectic groups of people (krewes) parade in celebration of carnival season. This is the foundation that keeps the brand grounded in vibe of the Big Easy. 

The brand lives their philosophy in more ways than just cool frames – constantly innovating, creating new ways to develop their vision:

It about quality frames – and creative execution

It’s about creativity – and environmental initiatives

It’s about the environment – and the community they come from

It’s about where they came from – and the future they support

Iconic and architectural, we love the combination of line and curve in this frame. With a bold metal bridge that was inspired by the iconic cast-iron balconies found in the French Quarter, and with a rounded contoured frame, the St. Louis is versatile enough to suit a variety of face shapes.

St. Louis Classics Bengal Polarized 24K

St. Louis Classics Bengal Polarized 24K

St. Louis Classics Bengal Polarized 24K

Earhart Blinker D'ORO 24K

Earhart Blinker D'ORO 24K 2

Earhart Blinker D'ORO 24K

Vintage-inspired, yet completely modern in they’re design, the Orleans Blinker combines sleek acetate side-shields and seamless titanium integration for a look that’s both fashion forward and universally appealing.

They insist on high-quality materials sourced from independent, small batch suppliers from around the globe, every aspect of their frames is detailed and precise. From gold and titanium hardware to hand-carving frames from plant-based acetates – a more durable option than traditional injection molded plastics that also happen to be better for the environment – to their 100-point inspection process that happens from start to finish at their headquarters in the Big Easy.

A twist on the classic round frame, in brown and pink tortoise shell acetate with 18KT rose gold titanium temple

KREWE Royal Stardust

KREWE Royal Stardust 2

KREWE Royal Stardust

Cole Honey To Black

Cole Honey To Black 2

Cole Honey to Black

The Cole’s bookish sensibilities and angular silhouette are offset by fascinating acetate colour plays making it an unexpected play on the “Boyfriend Frames” we love so much.

Last year, KREWE founded its eponymous charity, the KREWE Foundation, an initiative that provides access to eye care and free prescription eyewear to local, New Orleans students. They’ve already donated 22 optical frames to high school aged kids associated with 3 different youth organizations.  

It was clear to us when we first encountered the brand that this was a company whose philosophies echoed ours: to celebrate home, to find endless inspiration, and to always give back to our community. 

And, it seems the Celeb Set agrees! KREWE has become a multiple pair favourite with the likes of It girls the Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hayley Beiber, independent spirits HAIM, Leon Bridges, and Boyfriend, and even royalty – both Queen Beyoncé and Megan Markle stand by their KREWE sunnies. With street style cred like that, we couldn’t wait to bring it home and make it available to you at our boutique!

HOLLY Eyewear is the exclusive provider of KREWE optical and sunglasses across the GTA. We can’t wait to fit you with your first (second, or third) pair!
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