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Keeping Up With The Sharmas

You know we love any excuse to hang out with the people we love most. While the Sharma ladies might find all kinds of reasons to pull up to each other’s homes for a solid few hours of hang time, Mother’s Day is the perfect reason to get together and celebrate the triangle of power that these three women represent.

They’re some of the luckiest women we know - Holly and her sister Chetna have always been close to each other and with their awesome mom, Durgesh. In a home filled with love, open-mindedness, and understanding, the girls grew up respecting each other not just as family, but also as friends – and that’s exactly what they grew up to be! You know what they say:

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of successful women who have her back!”

And with the Sharma ladies? Truer words could not be said!

Of course, not every family grows up and still wants to live in the same neighbourhood, or looks forward to bi-weekly family dinners, so we were dying to know more about the thriving threesome, and how they remain so close.

We sat in on a weekend brunch to find out what makes this trio tick and learned a tonne about the Sharma ladies. If you want to know more, it’s time to read on...

Our Favourite Facts About the Sharma Ladies!

  • Need someone to defend your honour? Call Chen.
  • The sisters are just a little competitive – and a little bit scrappy! A fight over whether or not little Chetna really could skip 100 times in a row, resulted in some “no holds barred” moves. Holly might’ve been the one to lose a fistful of hair, but she was also the one who got in trouble from grandma (thanks Chen!) Moral of the story? DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH CHEN’S JUMP ROPE SKILLS (and make sure she’s around if you ever need a second)!

  • Their childhood songs were Sharma originals
  • Holly’s telltale sign of “becoming her mother”? She sings the same funny song to her son that her mom used to sing to her when she was the same age. Chen’s first baby is on the way so look out, Chen, Mama Sharma about to happen to you, too!

  • They really have two moms (kinda)
  • Chetna And BM
  • Growing up, Holly and Chetna were so close to their grandmother that they used to call their mom Choti Mom, or “Smaller Mom and their grandma, Badi Maa which means “Elder Mom.” Just goes to show how close they are, and how much love, respect, and tenderness the Sharma women have for one another.

  • Inner-circle nicknames tend to stick
  • Where the older generations get sweet, loving names, the younger ones get hip, cool names! Like big sisters tend to do, Holly renamed Chetna to Chen, which is what everyone has called her since.

    It was easy for Holly to become Hollz. But then Chen discovered the name of Holly’s favourite makeup. Ever since, Holly’s been known as HOOLA, nicknamed after her favourite bronzer.

  • Holly’s favourite tradition happens in the kitchen
  • Diwali Cookies
  • From her mom, Holly inherited her love of cooking name the dish and she’s there for it! But the most special tradition? The Diya shaped sugar cookies they make every year for Diwali.

    While sugar cookies aren’t normally traditional for Diwali, the girls have been making them together for years, marrying the sweetness of a Canadian recipe with the traditional Hindu symbol of a Diya; the small clay lamp that’s lit during the celebration of Diwali and displayed both inside and outside the home as a symbol that brings light into life, and frees all from darkness.


  • They live by two secret ingredients to keep their relationships strong
  • They live by the virtues of Patience and Time and believe that by giving both to your relationships, they will naturally flourish, deepen, and remain strong.  


  • Family time is regular – and phone free!
  • Family-Phone
  • Since marrying 10 years ago, the immediate family all heads over to my moms house for dinner every other Sunday night. The family gets together and talks about the things going on in their lives, the kids entertain each other with board games and puzzles. There’s one other unspoken rule: to be fully in the moment, they turn their phones off and simply enjoy one another’s company. (Sometimes easier said than done LOL)

  • All three Sharma Ladies have the same fashion mantra: Black is the New Black.
  • From her sister, Holly grew into her love of fashion. With her little sister urging her on, Holly’s choices became bolder and more experimental. But if there’s one thing all three Sharma ladies can agree on, it’s that there’s no colour in the world as chic, clean, classic, elegant, or sleek as black.

  • Holly has outfitted both her mom and her sister have signature frames that complete their looks (obviously!)

  • Chetna

    Holly outfitted her sister with Saint Laurent cat eye frames (in black, of course) to compliment Chen’s fun, nurturing, yet direct nature.

    Sharma Girls

    To match her caring, honest, hard working character, Holly fit Durgesh with these Linda Farrow frames in a soft mirrored rose gold and brown tortoise shell.

    Holly And Ayaan

    When it comes to fitting herself? One of Holly’s new favourite looks is the sleek Gucci metal frames (in her favourite colour, black) to suit her sleek, modern, minimalist style.

    Sharing a love of stylish eyewear doesn’t stop there! For the Sharmas it’s a family affair that extends from generation to generation!

    When Holly discovered the STELLA MCCARTNEY Mom & Me sets, she knew they’d be the perfect Mother’s Day gift - not just for herself and her son, or for Chen and her upcoming new arrival (yay!) but also for HOLLY Eyewear clients for everyday - and for family portrait season!

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