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Designer in Focus: Masunaga by Kenzo Takada

Masunaga-x-Kenzo Collaboration SS19

All of our beautiful spectacle purists and “heritage brand” buffs out there, this one is just for you!  

Why? Because if there’s one thing you can be absolutely assured of when buying a Masunaga frame, it’s quality. In fact, it’s the policy that has sustained the company for nearly 115 years:

“To make the best possible product at any cost. Of course we aim to be profitable, but Masunaga has always been prepared to accept a temporary reversal when quality is at stake.”

But their intense commitment to quality is but one reason we love about Masunaga.

A true heritage brand

Founded in Japan’s Fukui Prefecture in 1905, Masunaga is located in one of the top three regions devoted to quality eyewear in the world (next to China and Italy). The company built its reputation for quality through the work of each individual craftsperson who created their own business within the Masunaga cooperative. Today, there are over 200 manual processes from creating the mold to finishing the frames at Masunaga!

It gets the Royal nod

Where many top quality brands pride themselves on their celeb appeal, Masunaga differs again. Its heritage, history, and craftsmanship are so legendary that they’ve received over a dozen design awards, and are the eyewear choice of Emperors, Princes, and Princesses.

Art, fashion, and eyewear collide

Industry awards and cred from Royalty are impressive, no doubt, but as the company always said, you have to address current taste and preferences to continue to be relevant.

With so much shared Japanese design heritage, the dynamic pairing of Masunaga with the king of prêt-à-porter, Kenzo Takada, was a perfect fit!

Sure, Takada might have left his eponymous label in 1999 to pursue an art career, but Kenzo Takada is not the retiring type.

Since 2017, it’s been a combination of Masunaga and Takada, the giants of Japanese precision and French chic, that have influenced and designed every unique style of Masunaga by Kenzo Takada frames.

It’s a sweet spot of modern design magic that we can’t get enough of!

Why you’ll love it

If those weren’t enough reasons to soothe your need for sophisticated cool, the stunningly subtle details and exquisite design work are steeped in history and craftsmanship.

In fact, the delicately engravings on frames made of titanium, acetate, and 18 karat gold, are a combination of both the Masunaga and Kenzo family emblems. Masunaga by Kenzo Takada combines vintage inspired elements with fashion-forward contemporary design.

It’s definitely our go-to for purists who crave the highest quality of design and craftsmanship.

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