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Power Couples - Frames for Two


We’re all about the love all the time but if there’s something special about February, it’s that it’s the month in which we all want to see more love on display.

Maybe one of our favourite kinds of PDAs is when couples dress to complement each other.

*zzzzzzzzppt record scratch*

What did we just say?? Listen, no need to have flashbacks of Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod’s matching windbreaker BodyBreak suits. No matter how much of the ‘80s and ‘90s revival we love - we’re not going there.

Instead, think: Power Couple coordinates, no-boundaries sharesie styles, iconic cult couple classics.

Our Fave Power Couple Frames for V-Day 2019


Saint Laurent-Hollyeyewear

We luuurve a duo (or a few dozen) that reach that celeb style status. That Kim K + Kanye style status is major. For the couple who’s as much street as they are sweet this smokey shield frame is perfect.


We adore this sporty-classic dynamic duo. Share a metal, share a tint - but to each their own shape and prescription (or not).  The “we go but we don’t match” vibe is real on this one.


For the artistic, architectural, minimal couple. If you have one frame between you (or one for each of you) you’ll never need to worry about whether they go with either of your outfits - because it always will.


Clearly you two are a team! Matching materials that feel like a couple of gilded clouds. These transparent grey and gold frames are a match made in heaven - just like you.


Be still our beating hearts - this is the duo that a Super Couple would wear in their ‘mild mannered’ states. We can see you now - all flashing eyes behind your tortoise specs, until you lay your eyes on each other and whip them off!

What do you think?

Would you go sharesies with your spec-tactular special someone?

Or, would you be more inclined to mix and match for a coordinated look?

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