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Ahead of the trend: the world through rose-coloured glasses

Krewe Valence Camellia Rose Gold
The never ending grey tones of Winter might not inspire you to put on a pair of sunglasses - especially if you’re just trying to see some kind of daylight before or after you head to the office. But, just like you’ve become accustomed to wearing a daily sunscreen in colder months, UV protection for your eyes is as important during Winter as it is all year round. That might sound surprising, but even our Optometrist, Dr. Poonam Teja, agrees that protecting your eyes from UV rays is always important - no matter what season you’re in!

While there could be a few reasons sunglasses feel a bit extra in Winter, the most important is that the type of lens you need for comfortable vision and UV protection is different depending on the season. So, if you’ve shunned your sunnies this season, it’s likely because the lens you’re wearing feels uncomfortable in the Winter conditions you’re facing.

Those smokey or vintage green- or brown-tinted sunnies you choose to beat those dog days of Summer? They’re fantastic for super bright, sunny weather conditions. But, for coping with dull dusky days and the snowy glare of Winter, we recommend a completely different approach to tinted lenses.

Turns out, seeing the world through “rose-tinted glasses” isn’t just about upbeat moods and optimism. Winter conditions are where pink and red tinted lenses really show their strength, showcasing specific benefits that make them our favourite choice for Winter.

With the sun hanging lower in the sky during the Winter, creating more “partly cloudy” days than we can handle (truly, we can’t hear that one more time, Mr. Weatherman!!), the intense light reduction that grey, green, and brown lenses provide in Summer can actually be overkill, compromising your perception of conditions around you by dulling contrast and depth, which make our eyes work harder to make up the difference (hello, eye strain!).

For Winter, what our eyes really need is a tint that gives less light reduction while also providing more depth, contrast, and reduced eye strain - which can be intensified in cloudy or snowy conditions.

Because of they’re the only tint that can boast this unique mix of qualities, rosey pink and red lenses are the absolute best for driving, sports, or even everyday wear, whether the conditions are sunny, partially cloudy, super cloudy, or downright snowy!

Beyond their vision benefits, rosey tinted lenses are also one of the most fashion-forward trends this year.
We’ve stocked our shelves with gorgeous, luxe options from a variety of your most loved brands so you can choose right off the shelf. But you know we love customizing frames and lenses to create a look only you will have! From faded rose to intense reds, it’s up to you to determine how far you’ll go!
Need some inspo?
A classic, rounded aviator is a sunglass staple updated with a clear rose lens.

Calavera Frame Collins Pink/Rose Gold

A smokey pink lens paired with a glamorous cat eye frame is a sophisticated way of entering the trend

AM Eyewear Kimba GT Frame

From the dark rose-red lens to the flat-top and pentagonal shaped metal frame, this pair is 100% on trend in every way.

Calavera Frame Land Of Plenty Drop Rose Gold
Super chunky and extra funky, these frames are a big statement!

GUCCI GG0145S-001
Of course, you could pick a pair from our collection - oooor why not collaborate with us to customize the exact intensity and depth for rosy lenses to go with whatever frame you love most?

We’ve customized frames of all types and colours with pink and red lenses, giving otherwise “every day” glasses a high-fashion twist that no-one else has.
In fact, two members of the HOLLY team sport their rose-tint glasses on the daily!
Tamara fell in love with these oversized Chloe frames back in September. She and Holly saw that they had even more style potential if they played with the lens by giving it a subtly rosy glow in a custom shade Holly designed just for her. And, she’s been setting that trend ever since! (Side benefit? That rosy glow hits the top of her cheeks making everyone think she’s bright and bushy tailed even before her first cup of tea of the day.)
When Holly got these Andy Wolf Smith Col.C frames in stock it was a matter of minutes before they became her next pair (it happens sometimes!). A few flicks of different tint options and Holly came up with the perfect custom tint, and away they went to the lens maker to return in only a week!

Perhaps because they’re associated with seeing the world in a happy and optimistic way, rose-tinted glasses tend to crop up in the Springtime. But with all of their Wintertime benefits (and because we always want you to be ahead of the trend), our collection is already in store and online, waiting for you to scoop some for yourself!

It’s time to store those Summer shades until the brighter skies return and find the perfect rosy tint to keep your vision on point through Winter. Between our stunning, hand-picked selection of pink tints from our favourite labels and the almost endless customization options we can create for exclusively for you with any frame you love most, now’s the time to start seeing the world through “rose-coloured glasses!”

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