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A Love Letter to The Weeknd

The Weeknd Billboard Magazine

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There’s something about TO’s golden boys that keep them on our minds. Their style, their sound, their look, they make our imaginations run wild! And the latest to make a guest appearance? The Weeknd.

Maybe it’s because he’s fresh off his five latest Juno nominations. Or, maybe it’s some kind of subconscious connection, what with his on-again-off-again drama with our boy Drizzy. But hey, we don’t choose sides.

It’s all love - and all style - for our favourite hit music makers.

Let’s face it - The Weeknd knows his look. Whether casual or in a tux, he’s all about shades of black and popped off with some strong outerwear choices. Add some leather and we really start to see his personality shine.

Of course, there is one thing that could seriously push this Beauty Behind the Madness into the limelight -- The right eyewear could take The Weeknd’s look from incognito athleisure to irresistible influencer.

In our dreamscape, Abel would have four prize pieces to run across every aspect of his life and style, combining what he’s truly known for: unique blends of classic styles, a sense of mystery, designer athleisure, and a focus on the futuristic.

So, what would we put The Weeknd in to maximize his style every day of the week? We think these frames scream Try Me...


We’d start with Masunaga

Masunaga GMS-804SP

We’re Coming Out Strong with a pair that shows The Weeknd’s True Colors. Masunaga is known for combining trends, influences, and styles and that reminds us of how The Weeknd creates his bangers - with creativity, ease, and effortlessness.

We know Abel loves a round lens, so we’re giving him the perfect variation of the shape. Remixed with Japanese black acetate, polished gold, and a subtle smokey green lens reminiscent of a classic aviator, the combination of these elements creates something totally unique and new. Much like our boy’s music.


FENDI FF 0291S 807 T4

We’d never dream of building an eyewear wardrobe for The Weeknd without including a simple black frame - we know that’s his jam!

Yet, we long to see something a bit more interesting. Right now, the black on black sunnies we’ve seen Abel sporting feel a bit too basic, giving us an “I Was Never There” kind of feeling. Forgive us, Abel! We just want the best for you - and that’s gotta be these Fendi flat bottoms.  An Adaptation of the slim, subtle frames we know he loves, but with an unexpected update.

Over to an unexpected Chloe

CHLOÉ CE146S-252

Oooh! He NEEDS these frames! They’re the Life of the Party and giving us some serious Lust for Life.

We want to move The Weeknd’s love of geometry forward from his mini-rectangle frames and level up this shape for him by bringing new elements to the mix. Enter - the elongated, floating framed hexagon, in a psychedelic olive green tint.

Seriously, we’re so High for This. It could be our favourite choice for our Party Monster.

And finally a frame by Andy Wolf

ANDY WOLF 4735 Col. E

Just because he might not need a prescription doesn’t mean optical frames are off limits for The Weeknd. In fact, we think they’d be a great tool for when he’s in Professional mode - say from meetings with agents to conferences with the press.

For not-so Ordinary Life we’d love to see The Weeknd in a pair of sleek and simple Andy Wolf frames. We love the combination of metals and subtly tinted lenses in this smaller rounded teardrop shape. They bring sporty and edgy together into a perfect reflection of The Weeknd’s signature style.

Dearest Starboy, this is just the start. We’ve got a few Secrets up our sleeves, and we’d Die For You to come in for a style session with us. We know “I Can’t Feel My Face” has been a common refrain for you, but we have a feeling that once you tried a few on, just might feel it after all.

So what do you say - do you Feel It Coming?

Stop in and see us some time. It would be our Privilege.
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