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Transitions® Lenses: Add Style to Your Script with Colourful Lenses

You might know Transitions® Lenses as a super convenient way of turning one pair of glasses into a multi-use frame that give you the ease of wearing them either indoors or out (Yay! No need to make room for an extra pair in your handbag!). But, if you thought that they only came in their iconic smokey grey, graphite green, or brown, have we got news for you!

Transitions® Signature Lenses are now available in a variety of style colours and finishes that seriously up your frames’ style factor and provide the protection and versatility you’ve come to love.






One of the best ways we can fully customize your style when you choose your new frames, Transitions® Lenses give you the ability to make any frame completely unique.

  • Increase the glam factor by adding a vibrant lense to fine metal or clear frames
  • Intensify the colour of your solid colour frames with coordinating lenses, or
  • Innovate your wildest frames with a contrasting lens

...the customization options of your eyewear are nearly endless!

Transitions® Lenses aren’t just about fashion or convenience, they have additional health benefits as well.

Offering 100% protection against UV light and, when indoors, Transitions filter 1.4x more harmful blue light - a particularly damaging type of UV light - than a basic clear lens. Outdoors, they reduce sun glare, filtering over 8x more harmful blue light than clear lenses. More than just for when you’re using electronic devices, filtering harmful UV light, especially blue-violet light, is critical to protecting your eye and vision health.

Blending Style and Science to design your perfect eyewear is one of the things we love most at HOLLY Eyewear. We’d love to try on frames and lenses with you to show you how many options there truly are to create your next favourite pair of glasses. Drop in any time to experience the difference in comfort and style that Transitions® Lenses can create.

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