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These sunglasses are perfect for people-watching...

AM Eyewear Beach Clark MatterIf you’re anything like us, once you’ve booked your vacation, you’ve mentally packed and unpacked your bag ooooh, about half a dozen times - and then actually start packing your roller-bag the night before the flight… #lastminutepacking

We have a pretty serious pre-vacation checklist that includes...

✔️ Manis, pedis, and bronzing appointments

✔️ Swimsuit shopping

✔️ That gauzy white linen outfit for the inevitable white paaartaaay!

✔️ A little something special for New Year’s Eve on the beach

✔️ Copious amounts of sunscreen

✔️ Loading our Kindles with Kevin Kwan’s trilogy and everything Sophie Kinsella has ever written (what?)


But - there’s one thing that we consider a beach vacation essential beyond the basics, and this year they happen to be one of the most important trends of the year - mirrored sunglasses.

A natural fit to the ‘80s and ‘90s trend that dominated the year, mirrored lenses not only flow across all frame shapes but also across colours.

The traditional favourite, metallics, have been given a contemporary spin moving from the classic silver to golds of all kinds from yellow to green to rose - with contrasting or even matching frames that create a seamless look.

AM Eyewear Kimba

AM Eyewear Kimba GT Frames

Fendi FFM0007 Frames

If the trad metallics still feel too familiar, we’re loving mirrored lenses in on-trend vacation-vibe colours like bright greens, blues, oranges, and pinks.

Krewe STLII Frames

Krewe Du Optic Conti Frames

Thierry Lasry Eventually 800 Frames

But mirrored lenses are more than just the It accessory, they have vision benefits too! The mirror actually decreases the amount of light passing through an already tinted lens by 10–60% more than a tinted lens alone - an ideal choice for wearing in sand, water, snow, and higher altitudes - climbing anyone?

From fashion to vision protection, mirrored lenses are one of the most versatile options for sunglasses to add into your sunglass collection. Of course, there’s one more reason we love mirrored lenses on vacation - they’re perfect for people watching!

Which style will you take on vacation this year?

All mirrored lenses are now 30% until January 31, 2019* - just in time to make sure your last minute vacation packing is on point!!

*promotion excludes Linda Farrow frames

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