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Top 5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Vision Benefits


It’s that time of year again! A time to make a list and check it twice….and make sure that booking a comprehensive eye exam is checked off that list before your insurance benefits close for the year!

You might think that the only way to use your vision benefit is by booking a comprehensive eye exam (or, even just a vision exam). And yes, that’s definitely the top of our list for a myriad of important health reasons. However, there are also lots of other ways to make use of your benefits, that can maximize your vision health - and your eyewear over all.

Without further ado, our...

Top Five Ways to Maximize Your Vision Benefits


1. Book a comprehensive eye exam

A full, comprehensive exam is a preventative care measure not just for your ocular but for your general health as well. We can say that enough, here’s why.


2. Fill a space in your eye protection arsenal

Of course you can use your vision benefit for regular prescription glasses. But also consider using them for prescription sunglasses or contact lenses. If you’ve wanted to add a prescription to your sunnies, or thought how nice it would be to go frame-free once in a while, using your benefits is a perfect way to extend your eyewear options!


3. Upgrade your lenses

If your prescription has remained the same and you love your current frames, why not use your benefits to upgrade your lenses with better coatings, greater clarity… or even just replace the current scratched up ones?

Or, use them to add an another pair of optical glasses to expand your eyewear wardrobe.


4. Customization

Allow us to make the most of your benefits by using the best technologies and coatings to customize your lenses. You’ve likely experienced scratch resistant or UV protective coatings before, but what about Blue Light protection, Transitions® Lenses, or digital lenses? All of these options can create an even more customized lens that will suit your vision and lifestyle to a T.


  • 5. “Multiple Pair Benefit”
  • The secret benefit! While many plans do only entitle you to one pair of frames, there are some plans that have a multiple pair clause that offers an additional savings when you purchase more than one pair at a time, or have a higher deductible than an average plan. Check in with your provider to make sure you know all the details of your plan, and let us help you to maximize them.  

    One more bonus? We can direct bill most insurance companies, which means that you can shop freely knowing that you’re never out of pocket to take care of your vision!

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