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The Future’s So Bright, The Raps Gotta Wear Shades

We The North Holly Eyewear

We don’t know about you but our hearts haven’t stopped pounding since Saturday night’s Eastern Conference win. We’re witnessing history you guys, and we are living for it!

Let’s face it – the future for our Raptors is so bright they gotta wear shades!

With the Raps in full NBA Finals mode, you know we’re over here thinking about what eyewear would best set off our Starting Lineup’s sartorial style for all the interviews, conferences, and papzz they’re going to be dealing with when they emerge from Finals as the new NBA Champions. Oh yeah, y’all #WeTheNorth!!

Just like we did for the Raps #1 Super Fan, our boy Drake, we’re back cherry-picking designer frames that’ll guarantee that our favourite ballers’ style is nothing but net.

Kyle Lowry


With sartorial elements that balance hipster chic with athleisure practicality, Lowry’s style is a new hybrid we’d call “hipleisure.” We can totally see him in one of our newest frames from Gucci – black on black with a signature logo on the arm. Sleek, wear with anything – and just enough swag to make some noise.

Kawhi Leonard


His teammates always talk about how level-headed our best player is, and we want to celebrate that by putting Leonard in a pair of solid, balanced frames that set off his fresh, tailored style. These flat top shields from Fendi command as solid a presence – and score as many points – in a wardrobe as Leonard does on the court.

Marc Gasol


Gasol is focused and intellectual on the court, ensuring that he’s fully centred on the position of every teammate to create the most beautiful and synergistic shots. It looks like he’s the same way in his personal style, too! He’s detail oriented, disciplined, and more about the team than being the star of the show. With qualities like these, our choice was a no brainer. Gasol’s perfect frame is this refined aviator from Fendi. Sleek, to the point, and totally classic.    

Pascal Siakam


GAHHHH! Siakam’s style is so sick we can’t stand it. Colourful and a bit retro-funk, he’s not afraid to take some sartorial risks that show off his fun personality. We immediately gravitated to these amber tinted, retro inspired Victoria Beckhams that would suit him to a proverbial “T”. Seriously, can’t you just see him on a patio this summer, in a pastel linen suit and brown striped slim knit top, a woven fedora, and these soulful frames? We have one word: FIRE.

Danny Green


Danny “Money” Green!! We love his style and swagger. With his positive attitude and absolute dedication to making those shots count, this dapper gentleman deserves shades that help him keep his eyes on the prize. Blinkers from KREWE are ideal. Super smoked lenses with high-shine gold hardware aren’t all they have going for them. The warm-toned peacock patterned blinkers are a surprising style element that block out that peripheral light and keep the focus exactly where it needs to be both on and off the court.

The take over at Jurassic Park this week is going to be bananas, and the pressure’s on for our boys as they continue to make NBA history. You better believe we are here for it!

To our favourite starting five and the whole Raptors team, we at HOLLY Eyewear will be in the stands and glued to our TVs rooting for you! Bring it home, boys!

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