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Happy HOLLY-Days from our family to yours!

Holly Family
Last Thursday we marked our third holiday season at HOLLY Eyewear with our annual Shoebox Project HOLLY-Day party!

Celebrating this time of year with a party at the boutique is extra special to us because our business is a family business. We know what you’re thinking: Of course it is! It’s owned by a husband and wife team! But, to be honest, that’s really just the beginning.
See, our business is a family business everyone we get to work with becomes a part of our family too.

Whether it’s our attentive reps, some of whom started their careers at just the same time as we opened our doors three years ago, or who have blossomed on their own entrepreneurial path over the time that we’ve known them, or our talented, ever-growing team with whom we share not just meetings but also commutes, meals, and family celebrations, or our incredible clients who’ve entrusted us with their vision, their style, their secrets (we’ll never tell!) - the HOLLY family is a big part of our lives!  
Full House
We count our blessings every day for the gorgeous, wild, and wacky family we’ve created and all what we’ve been able to share together - and our Shoebox Project HOLLY-Day Party is how we celebrate all of that!

We love to hang out, catch up, and spend some quality time with our HOLLY fam any time! But for this particular party, we had another goal - to share the warmth and family feeling we are so lucky to experience every day by gathering gifts for the Shoebox Project so that other women in our community can feel the same sense of care and belonging over the holidays.

So we really brought it this year, so we could make sure our gifts were infused with as much love, respect, gratitude, and warmth as we feel for each other.
Vick struck up his classic House Hits of 2006 playlist as platters of pistachio encrusted mini cheese balls, grilled shrimp, and the best samosas ever (straight outta Brampton!) circulated through the boutique.
Holly’s signature cosmo cocktails flowed, the lights glowed, and our eyes twinkled while the HOLLY family placed their Shoebox Project gifts beneath the white, black, and gold gilded tree, providing holiday warm wishes to 21 women in Toronto who have been affected by homelessness this year.

We wish that no-one was ever without the love of family over the holidays. So, it feels so good to know that we exceeded our Shoebox Project gift giving last year and are able to provide gifts to so many women who deserve as much love and warmth as we share during the holidays.

HOLLY Eyewear wouldn’t be here without each and every one of our unique family members - you have all become our village. And at our Happy HOLLY-Day Party, we get to become the village for these women too - family we just haven’t met yet.

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