Masunaga Collection

Some things are forever changing, others always remain the same.
Our faces constantly change to express our emotion, and they also gradually alter as we age. An optical frame becomes part of you, helping to project the impression you want. Here too, our tastes in color and design develop and change as we move through life, and the passing years also bring new choices in fashions and materials. Masunaga Optical was established in 1905 in Fukui Prefecture. Beginning with a guild-like cooperative system, our craftsmen created a new optical industry in this region, working together to improve their skills and produce fine quality frames. Thanks to these efforts, Masunaga is now recognized throughout the world as an industry leader. The company policy which has sustained us for almost one century is simply “To make the best possible product at any cost. Of course we aim to be profitable, but Masunaga has always been prepared to accept a temporary reversal when quality is at stake. ”
We now design and produce optical frames for the European, American, and Asian markets. The world changes, time moves on, and the needs of society change. We continue to develop new designs to meet new needs, but we guarantee one thing will remain constant―Masunaga quality.



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